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The Digital Future Initiative is a collaborative initiative of The Zariah Elizabeth Foundation, Hawksworth and Microsoft Nigeria, and seeks to train recent graduates and young professionals who need to develop in-demand digital skills to enhance their marketplace competitiveness while contributing to solving societal problems.
The Digital Future Initiative training is aimed at nurturing and equipping Nigerian youth with practical 21st-century skills to increase employability as well as entrepreneurship. The program will be virtual and designed to be intensive, engaging and project-based, so that beneficiaries are well equipped to deliver on market demands and innovate solutions to societal problems. Trainees will also be supported to become tech entrepreneurs who develop new locally-relevant products and services.

Online learning resources and content will be provided to participants for guided learning, while weekly Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with designated industry experts will be held to assure assimilation and practical application of knowledge acquired per week.

The program is FREE but you must pass the selection phase by meeting the criteria.


Target Number of Beneficiaries

750 Beneficiaries will be enrolled for the training.

At the end of the training, students should have: 

  1. Built a personal portfolio per their chosen track
  2. Obtained certificate of learning from the learning platform 
  3. Increased employability potential 
  4. Completed a relevant project that solves a problem within their community

General Requirements

To be considered for any of the specializations in the intermediate skills training, interested beneficiaries must meet both the general and specific requirements.

  • Must be a graduate with at least an OND degree 
  • Grit to keep on learning 
  • Willingness to learn new concepts
  • Must be able to commit at least 15 hours to learn each week throughout the program duration. 
  • Access to a working computer and a reliable internet connection


How the Training Will Benefit You

    At the end of the Training, successful beneficiaries should expect to:

  1. Acquire top digital skills in any of 5 specializations as recommended by popular employer feedback and LinkedIn Learning as most in-demand in today’s work environment
  2. Meet and learn from experienced industry experts for professional mentorship
  3. Acquire Completion Certificates to serve as the first proof of proficiency in the learned skill
  4. Develop market-relevant digital skills and able to deploy same towards solving societal problems
  5. Be exposed to vital soft skills, employability, and entrepreneurship training that will combine to increase the employability and work readiness of successful beneficiaries.


Software Development

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Actualize your dream of a career as a software developer by learning the fundamentals of programming. This learning path will provide a broad perspective on core technologies for web development, software development, and databases. It introduces common tools and the bigger picture of how software development works.

Project Management and Financial Analytics

Course Duration: 7 weeks

Project managers are catalysts for change. Learn how to manage projects from beginning to end using proven project management techniques. You will also learn the financial analysis skills for evaluating current and historical economic and business data to identify trends that influence business decisions. You will gain the skills that make a successful project manager with keen financial competence, including understanding financial statements, working with economic data, and analytical skills necessary for managing simple to complex projects and initiatives.


Your Opportunity should never meet you unprepared!

Begin today to develop the digital skills you need for the future of work.


Digital Marketing Specialist and Sales Representative

Course Duration: 6 weeks

In this course, you will learn to use analytical and tactical skills to help grow and develop new opportunities for businesses as a digital marketer – from marketing plans and content strategy to SEO and analytics. In addition, you will learn core concepts and skills necessary in today’s selling environment—from negotiation and closing strategies to selling with authenticity. Recognize that selling is a partnership. Develop sales skills, people skills, and ability to create emotional engagement and earn the trust of others.


Data Analytics

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Data analysts examine information using data analysis tools and help their teams develop insights and business strategies. Beneficiaries will learn skills in math, statistics, communications, and working with tools designed to do data analytics and data visualization. Explore this high-demand career by learning the skill today.

Product Design

Course Duration: 8weeks 

Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. Beneficiaries will learn to use industry-leading tools to build innovative design projects and discover the skills needed to become an in-demand visual thinker and communicator.



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